Prepare yourself for the most brutal outdoor training session this summer.
It's time to unleash the beast!

ZUU is a high intensity low impact interval training system, using primal (bodyweight) movement patterns created in Australia by Nathan Helberg.


ZUU is highly effective sports conditioning for: 


  •    Strength

  •    Mobility

  •    Body Composition

  •    Integration

  •    Low Impact

  •    Injury Prevention Strategies



Low impact HIIT training means that we're able to push ourselves and train hard while still preserving our joints.


All of the movements can either be regressed or progressed depending on individual fitness and mobility levels making the classes suitable for anyone to do.

"The most organic, holistic way to get the body moving." 



Nathan Hyland,

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

If you would like more information about ZUU

or would like to join the next scheduled classes in London, please contact us at

No its not a gang sign! Just a demonstration of another successful ZUU class in London. Hold your "Z" up!!!

I've been a Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach for over 10 years, specialising in movement, postural correction, fat loss and injury prevention.


I was first introduced to Nathan Helberg (and ZUU) around 4 years ago. I have travelled around the world to learn and develop my skills within ZUU. 

I started this journey to help both myself and others do what we love for longer.

Along with it's many transferable life skills, I use ZUU to stay fit, mobile and strong through (my) ranges of motion.




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